Another Batch of Masks for Healthcare Workers

Another batch of masks going out to healthcare workers, this time to ICU staff. I waffled for a while about whether to send them geeky ones or not, but since I don’t actually know any of them, I ended up going with just a set of pretty quilting fabrics that coordinate. That had the advantage of having a mix of styles — some more floral, some more geometric, some entirely plain — so hopefully will suit different tastes.

And hey, if they all wear them to work on the same day, they’ll coordinate, like a quilt.  Okay, that last bit is pretty unlikely, but the thought of it made me laugh, and we’ll take all the laughs we can get these days, right?

I think I’ve pretty much settled on preferring an elastic at the back of the neck, and ties on the top, at least when sewing for people who’ll be wearing them for a full shift — the ear elastics are fine if you’re just going out for a neighborhood walk or a grocery store run.

Next step in refining design is trying to incorporate nose pieces, I think. I have some metal strips, but they seem quite stiff, will need to experiment to see if I like them, versus various kinds of wire I have on hand.

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