Planning 2020 with a big wall calendar

Jed was visiting this weekend, just a quick few days. Not long enough, but we’ll take what we can get. The scheduling gets a little complex, and we rarely can manage as much time as we’d like.

We’re trying something new which may help — I just got this big wall calendar, so that we can see all of 2020 at a glance. In the past, we’ve tried to do it all with shared Google calendars, which are helpful, but I can’t seem to see the whole board that way. So up on the wall it goes. And then we spent at least an hour, the three of us, sitting and trying to figure out how we can:

a) do a reasonable amount of book tour for Feast (me)

b) go to various SF cons for the SLF and for our own writing / editing (me and Jed, mostly, though I may bring the kids and possibly Kevin to WisCon this year)

c) see each other at least once a month, ideally (me and Jed)

d) go to math conferences and have research time (Kevin)

e) do a writing retreat for at least a week (me, tentatively going to a friend’s place in Hawaii in June, and hopefully severely limiting internet / socializing / etc., so I can make serious progress on a book draft — if it goes well, I’m hoping to do two weeks in 2021, either in Hawaii or Sri Lanka)

f) get the kids to / from their weekend soccer games all through the spring (me and Kev)

g) teach two weeks of writing summer camp for kids AND sign the kids up for the same place (but likely different actual camp) (me and kids)

h) not leave Kev parenting solo for more than one weekend a month (me)

i) visit relatives (me and Kev and kids)

j) allow enough travel time for international trips that we’re not a disaster doing the work we’re going to do, and also able to recover before we need to be working at home (me: Amsterdam / New Zealand, Jed: New Zealand, Kevin: Paris)

k) work all this around our teaching schedules (me and Kevin)

And there are probably some other elements I’m not thinking of! We managed to calendar through to August, and then gave up, as there are too many unknowns after that.

I have to do some more work to fit in some book tour cities that aren’t tied to specific dates yet (Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, D.C., Toronto) — it’ll require looking to see when people are available, what conventions I might want to try to match up with. But there was definite progress made!

The calendar portion was followed by the budgeting portion, to make sure we can actually afford all this travel. Probably, barely. Amsterdam depends on getting some extra funding, so I’m going to hustle on that next, try to set up some funded appearances, etc.

One sad consequence — it was clear that the spring was a little too packed, so I’m not going to make it to the Nebulas in Los Angeles in May. Sorry, LisetteIngridMargaret! I’m still hoping to make it to LA at another time this year for book tour, so I’ll contact you separately soon, to see when might work.

I think I love the big calendar. I also love my guys. 

(Please ignore the chaos behind Jed; I’m in the midst of an office reorg, and all the not-yet-organized stuff is piled up there…)



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