A few lovely hours with my visiting sister, brother-in-law, and the fabulous niblings

A few lovely hours with my visiting sister, brother-in-law, and the fabulous niblings. We started by stuffing them full of bombtoast, which really is an excellent brunch food. It’s so much better than French toast, because the sugar in the batter means you don’t need syrup and can just grab slices as they come off the stove, hot, and chomp away. Also, it turns out that not only are they great with bacon (which I already knew), but they’re also excellent with leftover cranberry sauce. 🙂
Recipe: http://serendibkitchen.com/2019/03/31/sri-lankan-bombay-toast-bombatoast/

I *may* have put my sister Sharmila to work on arrival, but in my defense, there’s been a LOT of curry powder to toast and grind and pack up in the last few weeks, and Kavi’s getting tired. 

A little cousin love for the holidays.

Some in the family may remember that Sharmila is generally not super-fond of cats, as there was an unpleasant incident with a neighbor’s cat when we were children (Robert Garbowski, was that your cat? We were trying to remember…). But Sripati is SO sweet that she ended up petting him anyway. #Spacecats for the win.

Veera and I are twin-braid twinsies today! (We were even coincidentally coordinating in grey and red, both of us with birds on our winter sweaters…)

Brother-in-law Ry N was kind enough to help carry our Christmas tree home for us, and by ‘help,’ we mean he ended up dragging it the whole block himself.  Here’s Sharmila telling everyone to say “Christmas Tree!”

Give a girl a sword, and she may use it on her aunt!

Selfies, trying out Beat Saber in VR, and a little piano entertainment from Ms. Veera…

(Kavya is, btw, definitely taller than me now, according to her aunt and uncle. And we’re pretty sure she and Sharmila are the same size in clothes. Kavi is a little bummed that she can’t just go start raiding my sister’s closet — guess we should visit D.C. sometime soon…)

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