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Cucumber Salad

Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. Feel free to adjust the seasonings — this salad is very lightly flavored as a base recipe, since it’s meant as a complement to curries and other richly flavored dishes, but you can certainly add more salt / pepper / sugar / lime juice/vinegar to your taste. I didn’t …

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Deviled Potatoes

On the podcast interview this morning, they asked me what was a good starting dish in Vegan Serendib — I said if you like spicy, you could start with deviled potatoes, which was one of the dishes I learned in college, as a very novice cook. It’s incredibly easy, but also incredibly yummy. I still …

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Kale Sambol

(20 minutes, serves 8.) I had never been a big kale fan, but my friend, Roshani, completely converted me with her Aunty Indranee’s use of kale in this traditional sambol. In Sri Lanka, this would have been made with a native green, gotu kola, but kale is an excellent substitute (you can also try any …

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