Spacecats, together again

Random cat. This was last week, before Sri returned, and Arya would sleep jammed up against my leg. And of course, Ellie at the foot of the bed; it’s a good thing I’m so short.

#Spacecats last night, sleeping together again. They blearily looked up when I came into the room, so I tried to take a quick pic without disturbing them too much. Sorry, kittehs. The internets need to know that you’re doing well together again.

Okay, I promise, last cat photos of the night. I may have been taking a few more than usual this week. 

If the cats take a nap on your clean towels before you manage to actually put them away properly, do you need to wash them again before using them? (Um, not around here. But don’t worry, the guest towels are safe!)


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