Summer book tour with Benjamin Rosenbaum

Okay, instead of writing, I spent the last 45 min. planning summer book tour with Benjamin Rosenbaum, which is also necessary and time-sensitive. I’ll be promoting Feast, he’ll be promoting his first novel, The Unravelling, which is AWESOME. If you are interested in gender stuff esp., recommend pre-ordering it!
Somewhere in the July 9 – 26 range next summer, he and I may be driving from Boston to Chicago, hitting possibly all these cities?
(Is this a terrible idea? You’d tell me, right?)
Boston –>
CT –>
New York –>
Philadelphia –>
Pittsburgh –>
Columbus –>
Dayton –>
Cincinnati –>
Lexington –>
Louisville –>
Indianapolis –>
It does sound both exhausting and tremendous fun. 🙂

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