Sun Salutations

Nice morning in Columbus. I woke up, realized I should pack before our 9:30 pick-up, so did that while eating leftover Indian food (if you stir the rice into the sauce, it won’t go dry overnight, and while it would be better heated, room temperature the next morning is okay with me) and listening to an episode of GBBO Masterclass — Mary and Paul nattering on about eclairs is remarkably soothing.

I had a little time, so before getting properly dressed, I tried a 7-minute yoga video on YouTube, on sun salutations, reminding me of the sequence. (

It’s been SO LONG since I did yoga; I’d really forgotten how the sun salutation went. I’m going to try to do this video a few times this week, get the pattern back into my body. Even just doing 3-4 of these makes me feel more awake, more present in my body, more stretched and comfortable, with the blood flowing. I swear, I think better after exercise, though it seems goofy to think that more blood is flowing to my brain, more oxygen. Goofy, yet believable. Pseudo-science? Still, so much of my day is sitting at a desk in front of a computer (or bent over a counter repetitively cutting trays of sweets right now); I need to find ways to fit more varied movement in, and little bits of yoga sound perfect to spot through the day. The question is, can I make it a habit?

When I’d finished yoga and dressing, I came downstairs and had the hotel people print me out 20 copies of my handout for today’s class on building characters around identities. Scott’s wife kindly picked us up (me and the other facilitators, Nick Mamatas and Chiwan Choi) and brought us over to the Streetlight Guild. I only interrogated Scott a little bit about the building (I poked my nose into the basement, and I totally think he can reclaim some more space down there if he needs it), before grabbing my coffee and retreating upstairs to the lovely conference/office space.

It’s rented out during the week, but quiet right now, so I’m hoping to get an hour of writing done now, while the others are teaching. Just have to stop procrastinating and actually start work. Maybe some music will help. Maybe the coffee will kick in. Maybe I will stop babbling to you all…


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