Tired, but I can feel that my muscles want to move

Slept in — was more tired than I expected, I think in part because I went for a long exercise walk with Roshani yesterday. Trying to get back to healthy habits; when the semester started, I just somehow stopped exercising. I’d made so much progress over the summer, getting all the way up to actually running with Pam, and then I just stopped. Gah. But last weekend in L.A., I swam three days out of four at the outside pool, and I think that helped kickstart me a bit, so I ended up walking for close to an hour with Roshani yesterday, and now I’m tired, but I can also feel that my muscles want to move. Is good.

I’m supposed to be teaching a workshop on indie and traditional publishing at 11; I have a presentation & slideshow on crowdfunding already, but I want to review it and add some points about traditional publishing’s benefits. So I’m having some toast and eggs now, then working on the slideshow, then switching to writing fiction for an hour. I’m hoping to finish the draft of the overdue Wild Cards story this weekend (and thanks again to Kevin Andrew Murphy for talking me through my stuck plot at World Fantasy last weekend). If I have time, though, I may take a quick swim in the hotel pool before heading over to the conference at Scott Woods‘s Streetlight Guild.

Can I swim laps in a pool that is perhaps 10’ long? Very very short laps. 

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