Hanging ferns

Fun home decor project from Friday — that spot seemed to want something, and I had this planter stand from the front porch. Brought it in, but a) the plants were pretty close to dead, given the Chicago winter fast approaching, and b) those coconut husk and metal baskets just looked wrong.

I swapped them out (sending them to the basement until next spring) for 4 white baskets from Home Depot (no drainage, so no dripping on the wood floor), with white macramé hangers like my mom used to make. I resisted the urge to learn how to make them myself, and picked some up online ($15.99 for a set of 4 on Amazon).

Filled with four different ferns, which will hopefully be happy in the medium-to-low light conditions of that room, and they should also be happy without needing a lot of drainage; ferns like it moist. Fingers crossed — we’ll see how they do.

But for now, cute as heck! The white and green really brighten up a dark spot, a bit of cheer that’s much needed in a gloomy Chicago winter. Kind of a 70s meets the Victorian fernery vibe, the latter of which is a funny riff on my 1885 Victorian house. Home design should make you laugh, right? 🙂

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