Cancer log 204: This is probably nothing

Cancer log 204: It is probably nothing, and I hesitate to even post this because I know that my dad will worry, but in the interests of documenting honestly, there was a thing on the mammogram yesterday that was a bit unclear.

They had me come back into the room and take some more photos, and then they had me go do an ultrasound, and now they’re still not sure if it’s just a bit of fat that moved around to a different place after surgery (they had a nicer term for that, but I can’t remember what it was) or possibly a mass, so the next step is to talk to my oncologist (I was scheduled to see her routinely next week anyway), and then either do a MRI or biopsy or both.

As Kevin says, this is probably nothing, but you know, the last time they did a biopsy, it was also probably nothing and it turned out to be cancer, so to be honest, after all that eating up three hours yesterday morning, I was kind of a mess for the rest of the day. I’m also fighting a cold, and between the two, I felt very lacking in resources, so I ended up skipping out on my monthly writing workshop (sorry, Acorns!), getting cheesecake and wine, taking a hot bath, and mostly snuggling with Kevin and fretting at him. All of which did help.

Adding insult to injury, I’ve had some weird breakthrough bleeding recently, and I thought my period had come back, but the labs say I’m definitely in menopause, which would be great, but the bleeding means they want to do further work-up, so tomorrow morning will be eaten up by pelvic ultrasound with biopsy. Again, probably nothing, but I am feeling stressed enough by the return of poking and prodding that I’m planning to proactively ask my doc if she can prescribe a Xanax for me to take before the procedure.

Sorry if I’m a little less on top of my game than usual for the next few weeks, folks who have to work with me. Hopefully this will all get resolved very soon, in the most boring of ways.


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