I am acknowledging, like a grown-up, that I have a cold

I am acknowledging, like a grown-up, that yes, I have a cold and am sore-throated and exhausted, by cancelling four hours of morning meetings. I think I’ll be okay for teaching this afternoon, but am reserving the right to cancel classes too, if too sledgehammered.

There was a moment yesterday, driving back from Ragdale (I had about 4 hours of driving yesterday, what with one thing and another), when I got distinctly woozy and realized I wasn’t quite as safe to drive as I’d like; I had to pull over and step out of the car for a few minutes to wake myself up more. No driving today — if I do go to class, I’ll either take the train or ride-share.

Planning to settle in to a morning of quiet e-mail on the couch with possible napping.


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