At the airport

Had a bit of panic when I realized I hadn’t left quite enough time to get to the airport, but luckily, BWI is a pretty small airport and arriving 40 minutes before departure, I still made it through security in time to even grab a lox bagel and coffee before boarding.

MVP award this trip goes to the little wine red travel blanket purchased at the airport on the way in, which not only helped keep me comfortable on the flight, but was used by multiple of us in the hotel room while lounging about, let me catch 30 minutes of sleep in the cab, and even served as a makeshift pashmina for Sharmila at the theatre. 🙂 Well worth a few inches of space in my backpack!

About to take off — plan to finish reading Rebecca Roanhorse’s Trail of Lightning, and will then try to get some good work done on the flight, fortified by blanket and coffee…


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