Kickstarter timeline

UPDATE: Eep, the official launch date is going to be MUCH later, due to…well, I think it must have been a misunderstanding. It’ll be March 6th; we’ll be officially launching at FogCon, where I’m an honored guest. There will probably be some kind of party. The rest of the above still holds, though — Kickstarter editions will be available VERY shortly; we’re hoping to start shipping those out in about two weeks.

ORIGINAL POST: I think we’re finalizing the Feast timeline a little bit more. (Oh the tiny little delays all along the pipeline that add up to weeks and weeks….) This is what I have right now:

– September 15: soft launch for Kickstarter edition hardcover and paperback

– by October 15: e-book ready (hopefully) and sent out to Kickstarter backers

– between Sept 15 & Dec 15, I’ll have copies with me for local events, and when I’m visiting various places (Bay Area, possibly Farmington, CT, Montreal, possibly Madison, Los Angeles, Columbus)

– December 15: actual launch

– after Dec 15, more events, mostly TBD, but definitely including Seattle, Bay Area, Orlando, Madison — any media push will be aimed for after this point.

The main difference is that the Kickstarter edition costs more to print (POD instead of through an offset printer), so it’s a higher unit cost for me. But we can’t get the offset version faster, and in fact, if you want copies for holiday gifting, I strongly encourage you to get the Kickstarter edition! Don’t worry about a few dollars one way or another for me, please. 

If you are moved to leave a review on Amazon or elsewhere, that would be very much appreciated; I’m hoping some early reviews from the soft launch will build excitement for the actual launch.



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