Meds + cardio

So, I’ve been on Vyvanse for a few weeks now, but one aspect of it not being a good trial yet is that those weeks were so busy that I dropped my daily cardio. Adding it back in today, and hoping to *not* drop it again — 20 minutes on the treadmill in the morning really does make my day better; I just have to habituate it to it again. (Got up and dressed in exercise clothes first thing; good start, need to get back into that habit.)
Will be curious to see how the meds work in combination with daily cardio — I’ve been sort of tired and logy the last week, and it’s tempting to blame the meds, though it’s honestly hard to say how much of that is just being unusually busy.
Plan for today:
– exercise
– make sure Kavi is up and getting herself to school (Mondays are hard)
– incorporate notes from Makerspace meeting yesterday into proposal draft and to-do
– send out meeting minutes
– schedule next meeting
– call HVAC guys and schedule them to check on humidifiers
– call pysch and schedule ADD evals for kids (now that we finally have the insurance sorted and a referral from new doc in the system)
– dig up back yard dahlias
– lunch meeting wth member of arts council to let her know what we’re doing, get advice
– work on Le Guin essay (due today)
– grade and prep for tomorrow
– divide irises and replant irises
– divide Walker’s Low nepeta and Rozanne geranium & replant
– plant tulips
– 4:30 – talk to independent study student (review her work beforehand)
Busy day, but should be do-able. Onwards.

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