Finish line

Plan for today: finish Wild Cards draft. I think I just have about 3 hours to do, so the challenge is to sit down and just do it, rather than procrastinating 3 hours work into 8. My procrastination is generally productive; I clean things in between, organize, plant, etc. But still, it’d be nice to just get it down.
And after that — it’s been a bit of a long haul since start of semester. I need to do a fair bit of e-mail, grading, and prep, which will eat up the rest of the workday, but maybe I will try to take the rest of the week off from writing? Hm. That sounds unlikely even as I type it. 🙂 Well, we’ll see.
Other goals for today: transplant the delphiniums that were planted in too much shade, clean up the plants that got beaten down by that fallen tree, do a quick run to the drugstore, get Kavi to practice her voice homework and take her to lesson, then the orthodontist, then soccer practice. Onwards.

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