Okay, am just a little groggy — I did try to catch three hours of sleep before heading to the airport, but I guess I was worried about sleeping through my alarm, because I woke up every 15 minutes or so. Oh well — better than not, I guess, although there’s a part of me that thinks I should’ve just stayed up and worked on edits.

Well, I’ll go easy on myself for the flight. It’s hard enough leaving the Bay Area, which has Jed along with many other people I love, plus awesome weather, of course. But Oak Park has its charms, and I have a great book I’ve been dying to read to keep me company on the flight (Charlie Jane Anders, _The City in the Middle of the Night_).

If I get very very motivated, I will also try to do some edits. The Flight novella is almost done, I think — a pass or two for clean-up, and it’ll be ready to go. I’ll be submitting it to, I think; fingers crossed. I’m very fond of it, so I hope others will be too. Someone who read a draft of it came up to me at the con and told me she LOVED it, so that’s a good sign. (Someone else told me they really loved The Stars Change, which I never get tired of hearing.) Praise is very motivating.

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