The List, the List

Feeling a little overwhelmed with things to do before WorldCon (and before semester starts). Lists to the rescue.

Things to Do Today / Tomorrow:

1. Finish weeding parkway strip (side near the cars), put down a little mulch.

2. Implement Jude’s proofing edits on Vegan Serendib.

3. Publish Vegan Serendib.

4. Clear at least a hundred e-mails. Two hundred would be better.

5. Write more of Three Kings for WC.

6. Finish scheduling Deep Dish reading for September @ Volumes.

7. Write up SLF ask letter / start Drip one-week campaign.

8. Finalize SLF brochure with Kay.

9. Deal with papers on island.

10. Meet with former student about MFA programs @ 1.

11. Take Kavi to 6th grade orientation @ 4.

12. Get new folders for new semester. (ritual)

13. Finalize syllabi with new semester dates.

14. Get eyebrows and nails done.

15. Charge all the things for the trip.

16. Pack.

17. Finish making fire lizard gemstone soaps and sell.

18. Sew dress? (I have this project that I’ve had hanging for a long time, and I sort of just want to get it done, even though it’s not urgent. We’ll see if time allows. If not, move it off dining table and back to basement, sigh.)


Things Not to Do:

1. Binge-watch the first season of Grey’s Anatomy for two straight days.

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