First day finally back on the novel, kids about to come back from camp, 1500 words done. That feels pretty pathetic, since it’s about 1.5 hours of actual writing + lots of procrastinating during the 6 hours they were away. But trying not to be disheartened; it will take some time to get back into the deep mindset of this book. Hopefully it’ll go faster then.
Taking a break to cook, hang with them, clean, etc. May try and knock out another scene this evening. Feeling summer slipping away remarkably fast — we’re at roughly the halfway point right now, but we’ll be visiting Kev’s parents for two weeks, and while I’m hoping to write through that time, I know some days will be less productive than they would be here. (Less productive of writing, more productive of family bonding, you know what I mean).
There’s a weird, mild panic that comes at the midpoint of summer for academics, when you’re not as far along in your research / writing as you’d hoped; Kevin and I both look at each other with this strained expression on our faces. Summer can’t last forever.
The students are coming.

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