Plot and Scene

So, completely failed to work on novel yesterday. I stressed about it all day, though, and got all kinds of other stuff done in my procrastination, so that’s something?

Went to bed early, slept long, woke refreshed. Opened up the file and skimmed the last section over (prevented from FB-ing by having set a program the night before), also the notes I made for the rest of the book. I’m about 30K words in, and I clearly have enough notes for at least a trilogy, so I think the next thing to do is actually not diving into writing, but outlining the next section or two. Time to generate some plot + scenes. Surely I remember how to do that…if I get stuck, though, I have notes from the WisCon workshop of this first third of novel, and I can start by revising to incorporate those notes. (Big problem in first 10K of book is all the characterization is weak. It gets better as you go, but I need to go back and fix the earlier stuff, when everyone is a little bit cardboard.)

Fed myself and child, went out and did half an hour of weeding before it got too hot. Came back in, checked FB (timer had gone off) and then there was some chaos getting Kavi everything she needed to take to camp with her so she wouldn’t be bored (sewing supplies for little bag project, HP book, plus a water bottle because she got dehydrated playing in the sun yesterday). Anand took his new Beyblade, which is apparently the hot thing for his friends at this camp right now. He’s also planning to make some Lego stop-motion animations.

Now Chris is running the kids to camp, and I’m going to water a couple transplanted plants I’m worried about, and then settle down to novel-ing. Turning off FB for the morning; will check back in at lunchtime, let you know how I did.

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  1. You so often chastise yourself for not being able to write as much as you think you should. At the risk of stepping out of line, I am going to recommend Bertrand Russell’s essay, In Praise of Idleness.

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