Dishes and such

Anand came and woke me up for breakfast and I said okay go get ready for camp and he said it’s Sunday! and I said oh and he said you forgot it was Sunday and I said yes.

So that’s about my state of mind today — yesterday was a long day with a six hour library strategic planning meeting (went very well, I think, our library staff is awesome & we are going to make our libraries even better next year!) and then a quick sewing job to get my space dress to fit again (borderline, but made it) while watching an episode of Project Runway with Kavi, and then into the city for Mary Robinette’s book launch party. I pretty much fell into bed when I got home and I’m still a little tired / groggy.

But there’s no real plan for today. Taking the day off writing / e-mail, I think, so it’s more of a weekend. Watch tv, read books, cook a little (vegetarian marshmallow experiments, maybe bake rosewater-pistachio cookies before it gets too hot). I told Kavi I’d take her to the fabric store and let her pick something out to work with at camp this week, which means I have to figure out where the closest one is, now that Hancock has closed. But mostly putter and clean — the dishes and laundry are kind of a disaster after a few busy days.

It falls apart so fast if you’d don’t keep on it daily, and while I have an assistant to help now, he’s not here every day. (Even if business grew to a point where I could afford to have him here every weekday, I’m not sure I’d want someone here daily; it’s an interesting balance between getting things done and having someone in our space.) Anyway, time to get the kids to empty the dishwasher…

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