Tall Lilies

I can see the tall lilies from the writing shed! ¬†Eventually (maybe two years), I hope to have a lush garden of flowers out that window, something gorgeous to gaze at when I’m stuck on a story (which happens all too often). This fall, I’ll be dividing lots of perennials from the front to fill in back there.

I slept poorly last night for some reason — finally got to bed around 3, instead of my normal 11. So a slow and groggy start today, but I’ve managed to do some formatting of the marshmallow e-book — I just need to develop hopefully acceptable vegetarian and vegan recipes this weekend, then write some notes (like why honey vs. light corn syrup, or vice versa) and an introduction, and it’ll be ready to go. Should set up a pre-order page too, maybe today. Also posted flower photos.

Other items in the queue for today are to write a slightly overdue blog post for Wild Cards (about disability in WC, a tentative stab at a difficult topic, probably more raising some questions than offering any answers, but it’s a step, at least) and hopefully at least a scene or two in one of my Wild Cards stories. I’m almost done with one, just starting the other. On Monday I’m planning to dive deep into the novel again (after six months away), so the next few days are for finishing up little bits and pieces of things, I think. Also dishes left over from the 4th. So many dishes…

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