FogCon Redux

Oof — that’s a tired me, taken just before my flight landed in Chicago at midnight. And now I’m home at 1 a.m., with fond memories of FogCon. My panels went reasonably well, reading ditto.

I got to have conversations with wise mentor people like Pat Murphy and Debbie Notkin, which help me sort through all this novel-writing stuff. I got to see old friends and meet interesting new folks (including enthusiastic readers of mine, which is obviously the BEST). And a couple rounds of Terraforming Mars, teaching it to new people, and trying out Pandemic: Rising Tide, which is about the Netherlands flooding, and was fun.

My only complaint is that somehow I planned both sleeping and eating every poorly and got no exercise, which was sort of disastrous in terms of how I felt for most of the con — I really need to be more rigorous about convention travel and healthy habits going forward as I am apparently just not young enough to eat and stay awake the way I used to. Well, I’m home for three days and then off to ICFA, so I suppose I’ll get a chance to hopefully do better.

Now, off to sleep. In six hours, I have to be up to get the kids off to school, and then it’s a doctor check-up followed by a teaching day…

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