Dance of Yore

Hah. My dad just posted this pic on FB — I don’t think I’ve seen it before. The post started “God knows we tried!!” I’m pretty sure he meant that to refer just to dancing…but maybe not. 🙂
That’s me with my middle sister, both of us dressed for dancing bharata natyam. I look tall for once! My attempts at classical Indian dance were very short-lived (my god, you should’ve heard me complain about practicing!), so this must have been when I was around 12-13?
We must have been getting reading for a performance; this photo will likely be the most make-up you will ever see on my face. I do love dancing, but no one will ever call me a dancer. Mirna went on to actually be very skilled at it (she’s never been afraid of hard work, but also actually possesses natural grace and rhythm which I am sadly lacking). We tried Kavi in both ballet and bharata natyam, but sadly, she didn’t really take to either. Ah well!

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  1. Maybe Anand would like ballet. I took it for seven years and it was wonderful for my general self discipline and ability to focus. The fact that I was not very good at it helped with this, surprisingly.

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