Mary Anne’s Actual Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first newsletter from Serendib House!


• Maram Arts Valentine’s Day reading in Oak Park, L!ve Cafe, February 15th, 6 – 7:30 p.m.
• Deep Dish SF/F reading, Volumes Bookcafe, March 1, 7 – 8:30 p.m.

More on those soon, as we lock down the line-up!


Did you know I started a cooking site?  It’s Serendib Kitchen, and you can find it here, packed with yummy mostly Sri Lankan recipes (and even a shop where you can order my cookbook and curry powder):

Recently on PATREON, I started sharing two drafts of books in progress.  One is a memoir, Arbitrary Passions, which explores love and nationalism; it started on January 21st.  The other is a mainstream threesome novel, The Arrangement, which started on January 22nd.  I’ll be posting selections from both books in order, once a week over the next few months; eventually, you’ll get through the entire draft.  Now, I admit that I have written a whole host of other pieces that will probably make their way into the next draft of the memoir, but what you’ll be getting is a reasonably coherent book all on its own.  So that should be fun!  Both of those are behind a tiny paywall at Patreon; $1 / month will get you access to them.  If you’re just joining the Patreon now, you can go back into the archives to see what you’ve missed!

In the weeks ahead, I’ll also be on Patreon sharing excerpts from stories I’m working on, poems, recipes and textile tips.  You’ll also see more gardening posts as spring approaches.  Last, but not least, new material from the expanding Charted Worlds will be seen here first!  All of those are entirely free to read; enjoy!

Last week:

  • Complications before arrival, in Arbitrary Passions.
  • How not to force a forsythia.
  • A goodbye to celebrated author Ursula K. Le Guin.
  • The perfect Sri Lankan meal, hoppers!
  • A poem from 1993, ‘Creation of the City’.
  • Through sewing, lessons in patience.
  • Navigating family gatherings, in The Arrangement.

Next week:

  •  Sri Lanka draws closer in Arbitrary Passions.
  • Adding color to January with primroses.
  • In ‘Wings’, Officer Nuala makes a tough call.
  • Shrimp & Potato Curry.
  • Summer turns to fall in ‘Carelessness will Catch You’.
  • Making embroidery repairs after moths visit.
  • Dissatisfaction simmers in The Arrangement.

And as always, you can find me spending much too much time (mostly political) on Facebook.  Have a great week!

– Mary Anne

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