I feel that I should note that if it seems like I’ve been accomplishing a lot lately (and I have been), a lot of the credit goes to Chris. He’s doing all the Patreon posting for me, which is a huge help, and copied over all the e-mail addresses (which for complicated reasons had to be done one-by-one) from the old newsletter to the new newsletter. He’s added a ton of my poems to the website (which I’ve been meaning to do for a decade or so), and drafted the newsletter (which I then edited a ton, but having a draft to work off helped a lot), and has been doing quite a bit of household stuff too.
He’s not paying for himself yet, but every week, we get a little closer to that goal (and a little more weight drops from my shoulders as the backlog clears). A good investment in my writing career, I think. Next week, Chris is mostly going to be working on researching writing residencies and grants, so we can put together a public database for the SLF site, but that’ll also be useful for me personally. I should have hired an assistant YEARS ago. I’m honestly not sure how I thought I could run an arts org (two of them?) in my spare time. I needed STAFF.

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