I have finally done the family photobooks for 2016, 2017, and our anniversary party. It literally took all day, and I am a little drained now. I was assuring myself that I would be happy to have them eventually, or my children or grandchildren would.
Of course, I didn’t caption any of them, so future scions will have to just puzzle out who everyone is. Jed has been enmeshed in a massive ancestor photo-labeling project for the last few years, so I am wincing a little bit for the descendants. Sorry! I just could not. Putting the photos in order and making sure no one’s head was chopped off was as much as I could manage. And I won’t even swear I managed that.
It was, I have to say, particularly lovely doing the 25th anniversary party one, which I saved for last. So wonderful seeing all of the beautiful faces of friends and family again, and remembering what an deep delight it was, having them join us for the celebration. Thanks again to Paul Goyette for doing such a fabulous job immortalizing everyone!

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