Patreon Update

Quick Patreon note — starting this week, I’m going to be sending out two draft books of mine — Arbitrary Passions, a memoir, and The Arrangement, a mainstream lit. novel. They’ll go out scene by scene — the novel on Sundays and the memoir on Mondays. Would love any feedback on either, of course, but I think they’re pretty enjoyable reads as is. If you read in sequence as they come out, eventually you’ll have read both entire books. These two will be locked to patrons at $1 / month; the rest of the posts will be visible to the public, per usual.
The overall Patreon schedule is:
Sun: novel excerpts in sequence
Mon: memoir excerpts in sequence
Tues: gardening
Wed: fiction in progress
Thurs: recipe
Fri: short story or poem
Sat: textile

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