Growing up

Two nice additions to my day — played Carcassone with Kevin, Kavya, AND Anand. We skipped fields, but otherwise played a real grown-up game, and Anand was a little confused, but was mostly getting it. He got frustrated at various points, but managed not to burst into tears or get angry, which is great! And even ended up in second place, behind Kavya, with both Kevin and me basically playing for real (okay, not our *most* competitive versions, but still). Feeling very hopeful about proper family gaming soon.
And after that, lit candles in the fireplace in the library, put Yogaglo on the kids’ computer there with the big screen, and did the first program with Kavya. She didn’t make it quite all the way through the 30 minutes, and her form is terrible, but I think the point right now is to have her start getting used to yoga as a thing, and also as a good way to get a little tired and wind down before bed.
I hope she gets to like it, and that we both make daily practice of it. Anand too, when he’s a little older and more able to pay attention through something like that. When I do it, I feel so good afterwards.

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