Christmas Evening

We had a really TERRIFIC round of carol-singing, best I’ve ever done, actually. Ever year I hope to talk people into carol singing, and somehow it almost never happens, and even when it does, it’s sort of tentative and staccato. Not tonight!

Thanks to Jed, Elliott, Michael, and Kat, who knew the songs, were willing to sing out, and tolerated my occasional sight-reading stumbles on the piano (and thank all the gods for fake books with chording, because playing songs once a year is not a good way to remember the left hand!).

So fun, until my voice gave out — I’m not used to reaching for those high E’s! Some Christmas songs are unforgiving that way — O, Holy Night kind of destroyed me. I wish I’d thought to record We Three Kings, though — it’s my dad’s favorite carol, and I think I actually made it through that one without any mistakes. We sounded nice.

Dessert by Kat — pumpkin pie and a cheesecake-y thing, delectable with her cranberry sauce.


Best boys. Lucky girl.


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