Christmas Afternoon

Kavi got a selfie stick from her chinnama for Christmas, and while she doesn’t yet have a cell phone (we’re trying to hold out ’til middle school), I let her borrow mine. Not bad, kiddo.

And then there’s this:

Since I wasn’t sure if I’d be up for cooking after travel, I told Kev we could have people over for Christmas if he could handle the cooking. I figured I had enough leftovers from recent events to manage drinks and appetizers for ten without any planning in advance, and sure enough, no problem. Maybe I shouldn’t host quite so many events…


Kev baked fresh bread, roast lamb (first cooking it in the sous vide and then browning it in the oven, over the roast onions and potatoes), and roast broccolini. I added some fresh tortellini and spinach ravioli from the grocery store, along with some pesto and marinara, for anyone who wasn’t up for lamb (or just wanted some pasta too). We were going to make a caesar salad too, but there was so much food, we decided to skip it. So good. I am a sucker for roast lamb with a nice vinegar-y mint sauce, and I usually only get it once a year at Christmas. I may have stuffed myself.

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