Woke up this morning to the sound of the ocean outside my window. That is very very nice. I sleep with a sound machine often, but knowing it’s the actual ocean makes a difference.

I also woke up still tense. I think I need to spend an hour this morning processing e-mail, so I feel less like I have a big to-do list hanging over my head. I may end up boomeranging most of it away to return in a week, if it’s non-urgent, and I don’t now why that’s enough to make it feel ‘taken care of,’ rather than ‘must do now,’ but it seems to work. That really is one of the weirdest brain behaviors I’ve encountered in myself in the last few years, but hey, if the boomerang hack works, I’ll take it.

We’ll go out and get breakfast soon (Jed is awake and researching option), and at 9:30, we head out for a helicopter tour of Oahu. Expect many pretty photos.

‘Doing nothing’ is scheduled for this afternoon — we will have lunch and then go to the beach. There will almost certainly be some more posting. I appear to have a decompression period required, where I have to wean myself off the internet; there’s a backlog of things I’ve been wanting to say, and no time to say them recently. As each post goes up, the shoulders relax a little more.

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