Handyman Day

I am moving VERY SLOWLY this morning. It’s okay. I had an intense start of week, with three 16-hr days in a row, and apparently I need to compensate by puttering today and doing no brain work.

On the plus side it’s handyman day, which is the happiest day — George is here fixing things, yay. No more trip hazard on our front steps, no more broken bench in front, some additional hanging pegboard racks in the basement, an electrical outlet added to the exterior of the garage facing the garden (for string lights and maybe a little fountain), replacing the kids’ totally inadequate little bedroom fans (what was I thinking?) with full-size fans, replacing all the smoke detectors that have reached the end of their working life, etc. and so on. Also Chris will be here soon, and I’m going to have him help me organize the basement, which will be satisfying, setting things up for when I’m ready to work properly again.

In between, I’ll add layers of collage pauge to my cast and let it dry — it’s a slow, meditative process, brushing glue. The best part is picking the glue off your fingertips when you’re done. The gallery wants it by Monday, but I’ll be out of town starting Sunday, so I’d like to drop it off today. Should be done in time.

This evening, Kev and I have an actual date, for the first time in forever — we’re going to go see Muthaland, a one-woman show by a South Asian, directed by another South Asian woman I know. Looking forward. If we are very organized, maybe we will ever go out for dinner beforehand. We have a long list of places we’ve been wanting to try; we almost never eat out (due both to budget and time), so that would be nice.

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