Deep Dish

Y’all, I really do suck at publicity. I’m sorry. I can whip together a fabulous, fun, rewarding community or literary event, but then two days beforehand, I’ll frantically think, “oh, I should probably TELL people about it so they can come…”

I think I’ve managed to do at least a modicum of publicity now for Saturday night’s new reading series, with the help of spending a little of SFWA’s generous contribution to pay for a publicist ($100) and Facebook ads ($90). The remaining $60 will go to Christopher for videography work on the night of, which is far, far below market rate, but this isn’t his professional gig and he’s helping us out. Going to hopefully have a pro doing it for the 12/7 event with Ada Palmer and Michael Moreci. Even if all the authors contribute their time, putting on a good event isn’t free.

If you’re in Chicago, you should come to our event this Saturday night, Volumes Book Cafe, 7 p.m. They serve coffee, pastries, wine, and beer. It will be fun! And awesome! Now I just need to figure out what to wear. I don’t think my space dress fits me right now, which is a tragic shame.

Please spread the word! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped get this off the ground!


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