Mostly writerly update

Finished my Wild Cards story draft and sent it off to George, woot. We’ll see if he likes it. Sometimes he takes my stories basically as is, sometimes he suggests minor changes, sometimes he suggests major surgery. It’s all good.

Somehow writing the story was exhausting — it was 9000 words, but I only managed 2-3K words a day over the past four days, and that was still very tiring. When did brain work become so draining for me? Either I’m getting older or it’s getting harder. Maybe both.

Signed a contract today for a little 1000-word XPrize story I wrote last week; they said they loved it, which was pleasing. It wasn’t so easy writing something optimistic about the future of housing, while keeping it at 1000 words. I need more words, please.

Tues / Wed / Thurs will be teaching + course prep + grading + community events; if I have a few hours to spare, I’m planning to spend it on editing the cookbook. Really want to finish that book and send it off to the publisher this month. Friday I’ve blocked out for a writing day (more words!) — hopefully progress on the novel, but if that doesn’t go well, I’d at least like to finish up some story revisions and get those in the digital mail.

I talked to the designer for Perennial today, and he’s hoping to have the interior design done this week; it’ll be great to check that book off entirely. I think it’ll make a nice little gift book for cancer folks, as well as just a nice little romance. I wrote a romance; that still strikes me as sort of surprising.

(Note that assistant Chris continues v. helpful — he spent about two-thirds of his time on house and garden today, also errands to the UPS store and SLF flyer posting / distribution. I spent pretty much the whole day on actual writing / teaching work as a result; couldn’t have done so otherwise. If I continue this productive when he’s around, then I think I’ll be earning enough to justify his two days / week pay without too much trouble.)

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