New Semester

We’re heading into new semester mode here, which is a little like New Year’s — a time when we make all kinds of resolutions and attempts at lifestyle changes, some of which stick, and some of which don’t. Kevin has grand plans for how we will all be on electronics less and together as a family more, which I support in theory but in practice I love my screens…

I have one more week to try to finish off this cookbook, which has been making healthy eating a little difficult (see, I have to make three batches of idlis in order to get them right, for example….although admittedly, I’ve been freezing a lot of what I make). Masala dosa scheduled for tomorrow,which is super yummy, but is also starch + starch.

I’m planning to start the semester next week with a burst of healthy eating and exercise — eat as you mean to go on, hopefully, with more fish and vegetables and fruit in my diet regularly, which honestly makes my body feel notably better than a starch-heavy diet. We’ll see. A little pricey, so I’m going to try to get in a Costco trip at the end of this week.

Today’s plans: straighten up, unpack, finish final proof of Jaggery, make young jackfruit curry. Assistant Chris comes from 10 – 3, and after he does his initial hour of helping to get the place in order (dishes, recycling, etc.) we’ll work on SLF WordPress website updating, Jaggery publicity (launching new issue today), SF reading series organizing.

If I have time / energy, I may try to draft a 1000 word short story I’ve promised to the Prize folks, but we’ll see how the day goes, feeling a little drained still from the weekend. In the afternoon, taking the kids for first day of school haircuts, and taking Kavi to open her first bank account, which we’ve been meaning to do for a while. Things to teach the ten-year-old this fall — how to crochet, better soccer skills, how to cook an entire meal, basic financial literacy.

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