My parents have a big finished basement, and have moved various pieces of furniture down there. Here is the 70s (red and cream zigzags, quite worn), here are the 80s (massive blue-grey sectional), here are the 90s (little flowered loveseat). In the living room, there’s the peach set (also from the 80s, I think), a long couch paired with little comfy chairs on wheels.

In the family room is the small black apartment set that Kevin’s parents got for him, that we passed to Mirna when we needed bigger furniture after Kavya was born, that Mirna passed on to my parents because two of the pieces were still good, eventually paired with another long black couch. And now I’m scoping out that set and wondering whether it’ll still be good when Kavya goes off to college and needs her first apartment afterwards.

You could do a history of our family in couches.

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