Okay, SAF fellowship application done. I don’t usually do applications with fees (this was $15), but it’s all going to the jurors, so I decided I could cope with that. Application took about an hour, getting my materials together; it would’ve been faster if I’d applied for anything else recently, but it’s been a few years, actually. Not sure how that happened. I need to research a list of grants to apply for, and then put them all in my calendar. No more leaving money on the table.

The most satisfying part was putting together the 15 page writing sample, from the memoir. I found six sections from the draft that I was reasonably happy with and juxtaposed them. I think maybe the whole is greater than the sum of the parts? We’ll see — I’m going to be arranging and rearranging them in a frenzy before this is done, I’m sure. Current order: Passing, Boundaries, Anniversary Party, Kaviarasi, Puppy-Nai, Road Map.

This is about an hour past my regular bedtime, but I had a little energy and I thought I’d best get it done. You know what I didn’t do tonight? The dishes or the laundry. Because I am leaving them for the assistant to do in the morning.

Feels weird, like having a wife. No wonder all those famous male writers got so much done.

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