To do list:

– do a half hour of morning weeding / staking — DONE
– start SLF discussion on Slack re: city chapters
– work on scheduling first SLF / SFWA / CNSC reading at Volumes
– promote September SLF workshop with Diana M Pho and Mary Robinette Kowal
– book Diana’s plane tickets
– work on syllabus for new course, finalize major texts
– place book orders for fall
– apply for Aerogramme grant
– apply for Guggenheim grant
– do an hour of e-mail work, heading towards Inbox Zero for start of school
– figure out how to get Red Sari pages back online
– finish revisions of “Safe” and “Skins”
– make idiyappam biryani for cookbook
– read stories for tonight’s writing workshop
– attend Special Ed meeting at D97
– host workshop this evening
– put away laundry


Chris comes today; some people said it was helpful to see what an assistant does, so here’s his to-do list, which is mostly household tasks still this week, getting things in order, but we’re heading towards him starting to do more SLF work; I’m going to start teaching him WordPress today.

It is really helping me just to start the day with thinking through the to-do list — what are the things I really have to do myself? what are the things that are going to take a lot of training time? what are the things I can easily hand off?

– basic house in order: take out recycling / trash, do any dishes, water house plants and porch hanging baskets
– pick up and drop off Garden Walk signs
– clean fan
– fix library curtain rings
– fix powder room curtains (I have a curtain issue right now, apparently)
– hang powder room art
– clean beach stuff and put away
– get car washed
– run a few loads of laundry
– start reviewing SLF web pages for broken links / learn WordPress

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