First Readers

First readers wanted. Well, first brainstormers. I posted much of this in the comments to a post yesterday, but wanted to pull it out into its own separate post.

I’m now working on a book (well, actually two books, which
will possibly be two linked series, eep) set in the same universe as The Stars Change, and I’m trying something new in terms of feedback — I’m finding that I want a space where I can babble my ideas as they come, and ask questions, without worrying about spoiling it for readers, as I would if I posted all this on Facebook.

So I’ve set up a Slack channel for discussing it, and if you’d have any interest in joining me there, please do let me know. Right now, I’m mostly world-building, soon there will be much plotting. The first 12,000 words of the first book are written, so I’ll ask you to read that as a first step.

Slack is asynchronous — it’s a message board, so that if we happen to be on at the same time, great, that’s conducive to back-and-forth quick chatting, but if not, you could read stuff at your convenience and post any comments then.

Someone asked how many people I wanted, and the truth is, I’m not at all sure if there’s an upper limit on this being workable. If it starts getting crowded, or feeling like there are too many cooks in the kitchen, I may reduce the numbers at that point. But for right now, feedback good.

Comment with an e-mail if you want an invite to the group. Spoilers ahoy!

(And if you’d rather read mostly complete stories, I’m sure I’ll still be posting requests for crit of those on FB per usual.)

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