Plus / minus

Set up laptop on treadmill ‘desk’ (by which I mean a board stuck over the treadmill arms) and worked / walked for half an hour. I haven’t done this in months, I think — maybe since before the campaign started? It felt good, both during and after.
Things to add to daily routine — a 20-minute walk / work, a drawing or two, more reading.
Things to drop — mindless video games. They’re okay for managing stress in the moment, or decompressing from lots of socializing, but at the end of them, I just feel ill from all that screen time, and frustrated with the nothing that’s been accomplished. I am enough of a completist that I think I may need to finish the stupid level of the stupid game I’m playing now, but after that, am going to go put the device somewhere hard to reach. It can live on the top shelf with the candy.

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