Cancer log 188: Sleeping better.

This is just a small good note. After the chemo and the chemo-induced menopause (summer 2015), I found that I was sleeping badly — I’d wake up every three hours, very disruptive. I took to mostly using some kind of sleep aid; even a quarter dose of NyQuil turned out to be just enough to keep me under. If I missed it (while traveling, etc.), I slept poorly. So I was semi-resigned to continuing it indefinitely; my doctor said it wasn’t a problem to take a little every night if I felt I had to.

But this week, I had enough leisure time (yay, summer) that I felt like I could risk sleeping poorly again. So four days ago, I stopped taking it. The first night, I did wake up once, but went right back to sleep. The other nights, I haven’t woken up in the night at all. And I’m getting up a little earlier — 5-ish instead of 7-ish, but I think I’m okay with that. The NyQuil was, I think, making me a little groggy in the mornings and possibly keeping me asleep longer than needed.

So, yay. Most of the side effects of chemo are gone now. Happy to be rid of this one, finally.

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