Summer plans

The art show didn’t need me, so I’ve made my way to chill out in Starbucks for a bit. Chai in front of me, and I’m now about two-thirds of the way through reading _The Girl Who Drank the Moon_, which continues great; I don’t know if Kavi would like it yet, but I may try her on it sometime this summer. Or just stick it on the shelf and wait for her to discover it on her own…
I have a few hours until the next thing, which is dinner with friends. I feel like I should either deal with e-mail for a while, or write, but I’m having a hard time settling down to either. I did spent about half an hour organizing my to-write list, which is just kind of ridiculously long, but on the other hand, many of these are little things that may get knocked out quickly. Others are intimidatingly big, though. Eep.
This summer is going to be an experiment in figuring out how best to work, and especially, how best to foster deep work, and not get sidetracked by house / craft / cooking projects. Reading helps — I had a novel idea this morning after reading for a bit.
Writing Projects:
finish Perennial illustrations
finish A Taste of Serendib
revise stories: Homeopathy, Paper Star, Skins
novel: Indenture
novel: Shattered
novella: Flight
memoir: Arbitrary Passions
Wild Cards story — check due date
Wild Cards stories for — Natya origin story, murder mystery
Letter to Octavia — check due date
poetry collection
Ragged Carnival book with Alex Wells — June 15 sample due
Picture book — Maya’s Lively Garden
Esthely Blue webcomic
environmental comic?

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