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One of WisCon’s Guests of Honor this year is Kelly Sue DeConnick, author of various titles I hadn’t read. So I picked a few up, including a graphic novel, _Bitch Planet_. I started reading it this afternoon, and I almost put it down again, because it’s a dystopian story representing a violently misogynistic society and I just wasn’t sure I wanted to deal with the stomach-churningness of that.
But there’s just enough humor to make it tolerable, and it’s really well done overall. I just finished it, and I’m glad I read it, and will read the sequel (it ends on a cliffhanger). Very smart and biting. But oof.
I might need to read something light next — the next book in the queue had been Adichie’s _Americanah_, but I’m guessing that’s also going to take some fortitude. I’ve been unable to convince myself to watch the new Handmaid’s Tale tv show — I re-read the novel prior to teaching it, and that was as much as I could take.
I was thinking of re-reading Delany‘s _The Motion of Light in Water_, since it’s been twenty years or so since I last read it, and I’m hoping to take another stab at my own memoir this summer. Or perhaps Ghosh’s _In An Antique Land_. Maybe both. Two of the more interesting and unusual memoirs I’ve run across.

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