Dinner tonight was asparagus and leek soup with a dollop of sour cream and crusty bread with butter, chicken thighs braised in white wine and lemon, grilled salt-and-pepper asparagus, fresh cheese tortellini with pesto, more white wine. About an hour of cooking, which is more than I’ve done in quite a while. I was feeling spring-y, and also realizing how little I’ve cooked in the last few months of campaigning. Too lazy to take photos, so you will have to just imagine.

I did not actually bake the bread myself. 🙂 Or make the tortellini.

I was feeling guilty because before kids I used to cook all kinds of things, and after kids, my cooking repertoire kind of narrowed down to curries (which I can make without thinking) and kid-friendly fast food (like mac-and-cheese from a box with some slice cucumbers or frozen peas or steamed broccoli).

Kevin says I shouldn’t worry about it, and it’s particularly silly because he’s a great cook himself and can absolutely make whatever he wants for himself, but I still feel a little bit like he’s been deprived, the last ten years (compared to the fifteen beforehand).

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