Saturday in the Garden

Signs of spring in Oak Park:

I’ve planted my first planter. It’s a bit early, but the hyacinths in the yard are coming up, and I just couldn’t resist. The campanula is perennial, so I’ll hopefully be able to move it into the yard at some point.

Hellebores are blooming — the one in back of the planter is the first thing I planted when we bought the house, eight years ago, and is now fully mature and huge. I keep adding more, one or two each year. The new ones look so tiny by contrast, but eventually, they’ll be huge too.


Snowdrops are finishing, being replaced by little patches of scilla. Someday, I’d love to have big blue carpets of it across the beds and lawn. The periwinkle is blooming too — it’s one of my favorite ground covers, and in retrospect, I wish I’d planted a ton of it when we first move in. Oh well — the garden is being built in layers, which does end up in a style I like, more naturalistic.


Plan for tomorrow:

12 – 2: soccer coach training
2 – 4: Compound Yellow show and opening reception
4 – 6: Final candidate meet and greet

That still leaves a morning and an evening free, and I ought to do grading then, probably (many little assignments to hand back), but what I really want to do is more gardening. We’ll see. Today I spent almost six hours gardening in the sunshine and I am beautifully sore and feeling almost human again.

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