A brief public service note that people keep being startled that I have enough energy to do all the campaigning stuff + life, and I thought I’d pause in frenetic cleaning post/pre-party to say two quick things:

a) I *am* quite tired, and looking forward to vacation this coming week!

b) since I started actively exercising several years ago, I have more energy overall than I used to. Even though the exercise sometimes makes me tired immediately afterwards, once I’m a few weeks into regular exercise, my overall energy and stamina levels notably improve, an effect which lasts through the whole day.

I honestly spent decades not believing the whole ‘exercise gives you energy’ thing, because I’d exercise once, feel tired, and stop exercising. It turned out that it’s more ‘regular exercise for a few weeks will increase your overall energy levels,’ which is not as catchy, but is helpful to know.

Now I just need to convince Kavi of this — she tends to come home and collapse onto the couch or bed for hours on end, and then complain that she’s tired and doesn’t feel well, and it’s hard to convince her that she’d feel better if she actually moved a little more. Working on it.

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