St. Pat’s

Plan for today — wear some green, teach my classes and meet with my four independent study students (they’re all working in the same rough area, so we formed a working group this semester, which has been pretty effective, I think), home by 3. Then a quick hour straightening up, then I get to just relax and cook for two hours while watching superhero shows.

I’m hosting the Suburban Unity Alliance dinner-with-friends tonight — meeting a few new people, also having a few already-friends join us for Sri Lankan food. I’m not sure how many dishes I’ll actually cook, but definitely eggplant, lentils, mushrooms, chicken, rice. Possibly kale, salmon, bell pepper. We’ll see! It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to cook properly; looking forward. I figure I’ll just keep chopping and sautéing until people show up. 

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