Cookies for the kids!

I did some physical activity today for the first time since surgery a week and a half ago, an hour of yard clean-up raking. It was probably still a bit ambitious, given how twinge-y my belly is now, but the weather was beautiful and I really, really wanted to move. Afterwards, I ate quite a bit, but I’m not worrying about it. Or trying not to, anyway. 🙂 Hoping to be back to normal activity levels this week, and actually exercising / dieting again next week? We’ll see. The yard needs a lot of work…

First snowdrop, hellebore, adorable garden helpers.  If, like me, you let the fall leaves serve as mulch and habitat over the winter, now is the time to rake them back (here in Oak Park, at least) if you’ve planted spring ephemerals — the snowdrops and other little bulbs aren’t strong enough to push through a thick layer of wet leaf mulch. I don’t mind the labor, though — it’s so satisfying uncovering the first treasures.



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