marhabaan bikum fi ‘amrika

I asked Kavya if she wanted to write a Valentine to include with the cookies I’m giving to a local mom who’s taking them to a new Syrian refugee family in the city. Kavi said yes, and then went to her iPad to look up how to say ‘welcome to America’ in Arabic — and I have to tell you, people, I almost started crying right then.

Now I’m just¬†waiting for Kavi’s cookies to dry before packing them up and taking them to the woman delivering them. ¬†Kavi wasn’t sure that she’d be able to accurately copy the Arabic script; I’m hoping their hosts can help them read the transcripted version. Her card is meant to say “Welcome to America” and “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

I had some love cake and rich cake left over from Christmas, so I packed that up too; I’m not sure how similar those are to Syrian desserts, but they’re full of fruit and nuts and love, so they’ll hopefully bring this family a little luck in their new home. I’ve been reading reports about the ICE raids all day, feeling helpless and angry — it was good to do something to send a little love and welcome back into the world.

Now, back to writing to our legislators.

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