Home again, home again

I got home around 9 (thanks to the UIC person who kindly added twenty minutes to her trip to give me a ride home and save me waiting for an Uber), and kind of collapsed into a chair for a while, after snuggling the kids. Kev wandered down after a bit, said hi, made them bacon and eggs. They ate all of that but said they were still hungry, so I made them oatmeal. Anand, in particular, is eating twice what I do these days, it’s kind of amazing.

I managed to get myself a little lox and bagel, and started feeling slightly more human, and now I have finally managed to make tea and take my meds. (The little white Tamoxifen pill, I think of as cancer-be-gone.) Still kind of exhausted, but starting to come back to normal. I have a few more photos to upload from the march, and then, it’s time to get to work. 

“This is not a moment, this is the movement.”

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